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  • Do I have to pay GUIA for placing me at an office?
    No, our services are free of cost to the applicants.
  • How often and how will I be getting paid? (When temping)
    Once you submit your timesheet on Thursday, we will mail out your check every Friday.
  • How does the scheduling works? (When temping)
    You work on your own schedule. During the interview you give us your availability, and when there is available shift we text or call if you would like pick the shift avaialble before officialy scheduling you.
  • What should I wear when temping through GUIA?
    When temping through GUIA, you should wear solid color scrubs.
  • Am I allowed to work with other agencies or apply for a job on my own?
    Enter your answer here
  • What should I wear/bring to the interview?
    When interviewing with GUIA we ask all of our candidates to bring a copy of their resume, 3 Professional references, and to dress with casual bussiness attire.
  • How much temp work will GUIA provide me?
    Number of hours are based on demand and demand fluctuates from week to week.
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